About us

We love animals. We want a world where people treat animals with compassion, and where animals cruelthy is a thing of the past. Therefore we make clothing with a message. With design that leave an impression, and made 100% animal friendly, biological and fair trade.
For the planet and everything living on it.

Clothing with a Mission

Our mission is to save animal lives - with clothing. Clothing that we give all world improvers with us the opportunity to express their ideals in a fashionable way. With the hand-drawn designs (illustrated by Brenda) you make yourself a positive impact on the world around you, simply by being there. Also are our shirts from ink to graphic ethically produced. 

Our clothing is:
  • Vegan
  • Biological
  • Fair trade
  • Eco-friendly
  • Unique
  • PETA-Approved

Moreover, we only work with high-quality material. Because in addition to a better world, we want you to look nice in our clothing. Because of course you save the world in style. ;) 


That we work with vegan ink is of course obvious. Our prints are printed with water-based animal-proof-free ink. An additional advantage of this ink is that it contains no harmful substances and is more biodegradable than ink based on plastisol. As icing on the cake, there is no chemical means needed for our vegan ink to clean the sieve.
The rest of the printing process is also vegan-proof. Screen printing emulsions contain almost standard gelatin, but you understand: we kindly said no thank you. Our emulsion is vegan.



Bio, Fair & Eco-Friendly

We find it important not only that our clothing is animal-friendly, but also good for the planet and everything that lives on it. That is why all our products are fair trade and made from organic cotton. No pesticides are used, and the entire production process is free of toxins - that is also healthier for you.
And did you know that only sustainable energy was used in the fabrication of our T-shirts? Because of this we can proudly say that the CO2 emission per shirt is 90% less compared to an average T-shirt!
Last but not least, we take care of the people behind the products. This gives the cotton farmers a fair price for their products, and the people who make the T-shirts are protected by stringent welfare checks. With us you can be sure that it is just right.


We warmly welcome you to Noha. Together with you we work on a world where animals are seen again as the individuals they are. Step by step, shirt for shirt.
Do you have questions, comments or just a good idea? Please contact us. We like to hear from you and help you with every question you have.

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